Deceit in HCI

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"The Paper"

Using Deceit in HCI:
Crimes For or Against the User?
Eytan Adar, Desney S. Tan, and Jaime Teevan

The use of deceit in human-computer interaction is generally rejected by designers and ignored in HCI research, despite the fact that well-used deception can have a significant positive impact on user experience. In this paper we present a model of deceit that builds upon a criminal metaphor. With numerous examples, we explore how designers may find the means, motive, and opportunity to commit “crimes” of deception, and discuss the benefits and costs to systems and users.

Here's a link to the PDF.

So the paper has been submitted to alt.chi. You can go there and review/comment on the paper until January 27th. I'm turning comments off for this post (so there aren't two discussions about the same thing in different places).

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Welcome to the Deceit in HCI Blog

This is a companion blog to our paper on deceit and deception in HCI. We'll post the paper soon and hope to use this space to expand on some of the case studies and to foster discussion about a somewhat taboo topic.